The number of London pubs has remained flat, according to new research by City Hall.

After falling by more than a quarter since 2001, the number of pubs saw a small net increase of 10, between 2017 and 2018, with 3,540 pubs identified in total (March 2018).

The figures published by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, found that 11 boroughs had seen an increase, including Bromley, Hackney and Islington, with number remaining level in nine boroughs and falling in 13.

Employment in the pub sector remained level at around 46,000 people.

The figures following others revealed by the Mayor last month that the number of grassroots music venues in the capital had risen over the past year, while the number of LGBTQ+ venues remained stable for a second year running, following a decade of decline for both.

According to the survey for City Hall, carried out by YouGov, 45% of Londoners visit a pub at least once a month, with men frequenting the pub more often that women, and the most frequent visitors in the 18-24-year-old age category.

The main reasons for visits to the pub were to socialise with friends (68%), or to have a meal (27%). Other reasons included socialising with work colleagues (24%), for celebrations such as birthdays (24%) and to socialise with family (22%).

The most common reason for not visit a pub was that they are too expensive (32%), with 27% stating they prefer to stay at home, 21% said they prefer to socialise elsewhere and 19% said it was because they don’t drink alcohol.

Mayor Khan said: “London pubs have been a key part of our capital’s heritage for generations, helping to unite Londoners and acting as a vital hub in the community. Sadly their numbers have been falling for decades, which is why I’ve been doing all I can to support the trade and turn this tide of closures.

“I’m encouraged by these results, but with pressure from rates, rent and development, it’s crucial that the Government and local authorities give them their full support too.”