Inception Group, the operator behind London-based bar concepts including Mr Fogg’s, Bunga Bunga and Cahoots, is turning to “playful solutions” to tackle distancing measures when they reopen.

Whilst the Government have not yet released official covid-secure guidelines for hospitality, the group has said it intends to keep its distancing and PPE measures thematic, with options including mannequins, beekeeper suits, gas masks and inflatable rubber rings all on the table.

To ensure safe distancing in the Phileas Fogg-themed Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair, the group has said it will fill unused seats with dummies dressed in Victorian costume, whilst beekeeper suits are being considered for staff to wear at Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals.

At both Cahoots sites - which are 1940s themed bars based in Soho – staff may wear gas masks as face coverings, and in the group’s 1980s themed club Maggie’s, the floor will be filled with inflatable rubber rings to “aid party-goers to keep a safe distance whilst dancing.”

“Now more than ever before, people will need spaces that spark a sense of escapism and imagination, and we are determined to adapt what we were doing successfully before to the new ways of operating, whilst staying true to what we do best: creating unique and memorable experiences,” said Inception co-founder Charlie Gilkes.

“There is no escaping the fact that the new restrictions are going to pose significant challenges to the way hospitality businesses operate but we are trying our very best with what we can do.”

“Should these playful solutions come to fruition, we will ensure they adhere to official guidelines. We are continuing to monitor the latest government guidance fastidiously, which will determine our eventual decisions on the most appropriate hygiene and safety measures for our reopening.”