London brewer Fuller’s has launched a unique campaign involving Instagram to attract craft beer-drinking Millennials.

The #FindFlavour campaign encourages beer fans to photograph strategically-placed ‘blank’ outdoor posters and use Instagram filters to expose hidden messages and prizes in a bid to promote the brewer’s Frontier craft lager.

The campaign is the brainchild of creative agency The Corner and marks the first time Instagram has been used by a brand to launch a competition in this way, and will also mean those who take part will be entered into a competition.

Head of marketing at Fuller’s Jane Jones said: “Now more than ever before, ‘social’ beer drinking is dominating across platforms, with fans sharing experiences, love of flavour and designs.

“We’re excited to see the reactions from those who take part and the fun it creates in the city and across social platforms.”

The innovative campaign will take over the streets of Hoxton and Shoreditch in Hackney, east London for two weeks, giving beer lovers who uncover the hidden messages the opportunity to win cinema tickets and free beers.

The brewer is best known for its flagship and traditional beer London Pride but this novel campaign is targeting a younger, more curious drinker.