Steven Kenee, of Downing LLP, has told MCA that the Potting Shed Bar & Gardens concept – its joint venture with the Burning Night team – has the potential to roll out to “hundreds of sites”.

The concept, which was launched last year and currently operates in Beverly and Bingley, has secured the former Rutson Hospital in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

Kenee told MCA: “Being a former hospital it’s an interesting building with a very viable presence on the high street. It perfectly fits the company’s aim of developing prime city centre quality units in secondary locations which benefit from of lots of good folk but an underdeveloped/out of date F&B offer.

“Whilst the branding is strong and the look/feel will remain consistent with the first two sites, the trading format will adapt to its surrounds just as Beverly, where trade is mainly driven by food and family occasions, differs from Bingley which has a younger, more wet led crowd.

“So far we have been very impressed by the management team’s drive, hard work and professional approach to business. This is a team that gets things done and gets them done well and we are hopeful that the rollout will continue for some time, as there are hundreds of sites in which the offer could work.”