The Deltic Group is to become the first late-night operator to accept digital identification as a form of ID across its entire estate.

The move follows the successful three month-long trial of the Yoti app at Deltic’s clubs in Colchester and Eastbourne.

The company stressed that the app provided a more efficient way to control and decline underage admittances, and would allow for a smoother admittance process for late night venues.

Founded in 2014, Yoti is a UK-based digital identity app that puts people’s ID on their phone. The Yoti app is free to download and users simply take a selfie and scan their photo ID. Yoti then verifies the authenticity of the photo ID and checks that it matches the selfie. All personal data is encrypted throughout, with the private keys being stored on the user’s device.

Tim Howard, marketing director at Deltic, said: “Yoti is both sustainable and covers enough ID verticals to allow it to become an adoptive piece of software. The technology will not only revolutionise our customers’ experience, it will also have an immensely positive impact on our business through reducing queuing times and drastically cutting down on fraudulent activity and attempted underage entry to our clubs. I’d encourage all high street retailers to consider adopting it.”

Yoti can also be used to prove identity details to businesses, verify the details of other people online and even login to websites without passwords. Deltic will be rolling out Yoti across all its UK venues in January.