Darwin & Wallace has voiced its desire to open in London’s Soho and the City and would consider venturing into regional cities, MCA has learnt.

Mel Marriott, managing director, was speaking to MCA after announcing the business had completed on its eighth bar – its first in east London – in Canary Wharf, in London’s Docklands, which will open in November.

The Canary Wharf site is on the side of the dock by Mackenzie Walk. It will feature a large bar, dining spaces, lounge setting and a south-facing terrace for 170 people.

Marriott said she was not looking at any other specific sites at the moment and reiterated the company’s ethos of “organic and steady as they come” growth.

“There is so much competition in London, I think finding a site that’s not got any obvious downside or risk is really important to us,” she said.

She said she would love to be in Soho and in the City. “Any move out of town presents further challenges but I’m certainly not ruling it out.

“I think we’d go to the wonderful cities outside of London with a similar customer profile that enjoy our business in London – so absolutely, all of the major cites – Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, those sort of places,” she added.

Marriott is staunchly opposed to expansion for expansions sake which she said had resulted in “complete turmoil” for some.

However, she said: “If something came along where there might be the opportunity to open three sites that were fantastic in a year that wouldn’t frighten me if I felt they were the right locations.”

Darwin & Wallace has created a dedicated vegan menu in the past fortnight, taking dishes already on the menu but also including a new vegan roast.

Other dishes include Heritage Tomato Wonky Courgette, Tahini & Lentil Salad; Carrot & Barley Risotto and Smoked Aubergine Falafels.

The six-year-old business is continuing with its “Cluck and Collect” food and drink for collection service which it trialled earlier this year with rotisserie chicken the star attraction.

Marriott said: “It’s not ever going to be a huge addition to our sales line but offers a really nice facility for our guests to come and get rotisserie chicken and take them away.”