The Burning Night Group has closed its Cardiff Bierkeller.

The venue closed this weekend after three years in the city’s Millennium Plaza.

The group said the impact of the redevelopment of the city centre had been the biggest factor in the decision to close.

David Howarth, operations manager for Burning Night Group, told WalesOnline: “It is obviously regrettable that we are having to close our Cardiff site, for our team of staff and all our customers, but after a detailed cost analysis we felt it was the most beneficial thing to do for the company, which has hundreds of employees around the country.”

Chief executive Allan Harper said: “The closure of Cardiff Bierkeller Entertainment Complex has been caused primarily by the major city centre redevelopment works surrounding the venue for the last two-and-a-half years. With further disruption planned, and the prospect of work continuing for another two years, the related trade impact has unfortunately made the site unsustainable.

“We will look to re-open Cardiff in the future should the redevelopment be in its final stages and the area then looks viable.”