BrewDog has made its latest crowdfunding drive, Equity for Punks V, available for investment via Crowdcube.

It launched its fifth round of Equity for Punks last October, with the aim of raising a minimum of £10m, which it achieved in less than 90 days. BrewDog then confirmed it would keep the raise open until 15 October 2018.

The brewer and operator is looking to reach £22m over the next month – so far it has raised just over £21m from more than 80,000 investors.

Shares will cost £23.75 each and be issued in blocks of four, with a minimum investment of four shares for £95.

Much of the business’ growth has been supported by Equity for Punks. BrewDog announced last October that the funds raised from this round of Equity for Punks would be re-invested into expanding production at its HQ brewery in Ellon, Scotland, opening a sour beer facility, accelerating global bar openings, beginning construction on its Australian brewery, as well as launching its craft beer hotel and a digital TV network dedicated to craft beer.

BrewDog has already built a new brewhouse at its Ellon brewery, opened its sour beer facility in April this year, opened nine bars in three countries, begun construction of its Brisbane brewery, welcomed beer fans into its first DogHouse hotel and launched the BrewDog Network which already has over 5,000 subscribers a week after launch.

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube said: “We have a great track record with BrewDog. Investors on the platform love the ethos and ambition of the brewery, and we are proud to partner with them for a third time in this final stretch of what is already a hugely successful equity raise.”

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “This round of Equity for Punks has been our most audacious and ambitious to date, but we are well on track to complete all the projects we announced when we launched in October.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming our Crowdcube investors to next year’s AGM, which promises to be our biggest and best one yet. We’ve proven that with a passionate community behind us, there are no limits to what can be accomplished.”