David McDowall, the managing director of BrewDog Bars has said the company plans to open five “large brewpubs at strategic locations” across the US as part of its rollout in the country.

Speaking at yesterday’s Managed Pub Summit, McDowall said he viewed America as “crucial to the next stage of growth”.

The company has already secured land in Ohio to establish a brewing base in the US but McDowall revealed that the nationwide push would be supported by the network of brewpubs.

BrewDog is planning to grow from its current 29 sites to 200 by 2020 – 100 Uk sites and 100 aroud the world.

McDowall revealed that the group would open a flagship central London bar on the B-Soho unit in Soho’s Poland Street later this year.

He said: “The bit that everyone always gets wrong is that when you get to 200 it’s incredibly difficult to maintain that passion and integrity that you had at the beginning. That’s exactly what we want to do. We want the same passion at 200 that we had with two.

McDowall also talked about the inspiration to vary the company’s retail offer.

He said: “One of our key challenges is where the sites come from. Having different operating models opens us up to a much broader range of sites and allows us to do more than one in a particular area.”

McDowall stressed that despite its public image, BrewDog was a “disciplined” operator.

He said: “We are relentless and we take risks – that is part of our mission statement. But, at its core is a sustainable and profitable business. Behind the scenes there is a very disciplined approach.”

For the year to 31 December 2014, the UK bar division reported turnover of £10.8m, up from £6,8m the year before. It reported a pre-tax loss of £45,505 compared to a profit of £33,800 in 2013.