BrewDog has told MCA it will continue focussing on food innovation in its bars and would not rule out further Punk Kitchen sites.

The Punk Kitchen model launched last month at the former Dog Eat Dog site in Angel, offering monthly residences to street food operators.

A spokesperson for the Scottish brewer and pub operator told MCA that Punk Kitchen would be the focus for the short-term but the company was keen to innovate further with food across its estate.

She added: “We already host regularly kitchen takeovers and food popups across our bars, this is just a more involved version of that approach.”

Asked why previous food-led concept Dog Eat Dog had not been successful, the spokesperson said: “Dog Eat Dog was awesome but we wanted to mix things up a bit - the new Punk Kitchen allows us to give some of the coolest independent pop-up food vendors a platform to jump off.”

The spokesperson said the split between wet and dry varies across the BrewDog Bars estate, adding: “Our DogHouse Merchant City venue in Glasgow offers an epic menu of BBQ grub, as well as our proven bar model, and other venues like Shepherd’s Bush and Clerkenwell are really well positioned for longer visits, where people are looking for awesome food alongside an array of great craft beers. Smaller sites such as Stirling and Bristol offer a more tailored food offering that suits their kitchen capacity, but still rock the beer side as well as any of our larger sites. So it really does depend on the bar, its facilities and where it’s located.”

On further innovations in food, she said: “We’re always experimenting with new ways to offer awesome food in our bars. Punk Kitchen is the latest venture on this front and we’ll be giving it our attention for the coming weeks to see what people want from it. Beyond that, who knows….”

BrewDog will open its first bar in Berlin in mid-September and will launch around the same time in Southampton.