The BII could provide services for leisure and hospitality operators beyond its traditional publican base, chief executive Tim Hulme has told M&C Report.

The organisation has traditionally been a body for individual publicans, but Hulme suggested that he sees the BII stretching beyond this remit, into managed pub groups and even food-led operators and casual dining chains.

“The spaces between pubs, restaurants and hotels, and other outlets, is becoming blurred,” he said. “Now It’s very hard to distinguish what is a pub and what is not, so why wouldn’t we get closer to some of the [other] brands and organisations?”

He flagged up London-based premium bar groups Drake & Morgan and the Young’s-owned Geronimo Inns as two examples.

“Those people are facing the same sort of compliance and regulatory framework as our individual memberships. So why wouldn’t we provide the support mechanisms [for them]? It’s about saying they can trust us, the information we are providing is credible and valid.”