Beavertown Brewery, the North-east London-based operator, has closed Duke’s Brew & Que, its craft beer and bbq concept site in De Beauvoir Town, with immediate effect.

In a blog post, the company, which was founded by Logan Plant, said: “This announcement might seem like it’s coming out of the blue, but the decision has been far from easy. It’s been a very challenging, lengthy process but the conclusion is that we close Duke’s immediately. There is no hidden scandal or drama behind the decision. Since we opened Duke’s, London’s beer and BBQ scene has changed immensely and as a business is now no longer a natural fit for Beavertown’s future.

“It’s with a heavy, emotional heart we say goodbye. Duke’s is where it all began. Logan brewed his first batches of Gamma Ray, Neck Oil, Smog Rocket, 8 Ball and Black Betty in the kitchen. The ‘Beer and BBQ’ combo paved the way to putting the foundations of Beavertown in place. Duke’s shouldered the first salaries for Team Beaver which allowed us to brew a little more beer, move to Hackney Wick and eventually Tottenham Hale where we have since morphed into the brewery we are so proud of today.

“While this road has come to an end, Beavertown is full steam ahead on its journey. We are looking forward to an exciting future but will never forget the memories, the great friends and our birthplace: Duke’s Brew & Que, 33 Downham Rd, De Beauvoir Town, London.”

Earlier this year, Beavertown Brewery’s director of operations and head brewer left the group.

Jenn Merrick had been with the group since 2013, when she joined as head brewer. She soon added operations manager to her role and was appointed operations director last year.