Downing’s Steven Kenee has told MCA that work on Antic London’s long-anticipated ‘Norbury Mews’ project is likely to start in the new year but said the site could host a pop-up offer in the meantime.

Downing is backing the development of a pub and four food units in Norbury Crescent under Holte North Ltd vehicle.

The acquisition of the freehold buildings was £800,000 and a further £1m is being invested into the refurbishment. The project has been dogged by planning hold-ups despite receiving 150 letters of support from locals.

Kenee said the decision had yet to be made on whether the four food units would be run by Antic or whether the company would bring in a third party.

Antic chairman Mark Crowther said: “Despite being well populated, we identified that Norbury is under-served by good quality pubs. We are excited to create a food and beverage development which we intend to become the heart of this vibrant community.”

Kenee said: “We are delighted to back Holte North in acquiring a collection of derelict freehold buildings in Norbury, for development into a pub and four small units. The location of the property was highly attractive, especially as we consider there to be a scarcity of good quality pub sites in London. We believe that Norbury is currently under-served with quality pubs and restaurants and we anticipate strong demand for an Antic London-style offering in the area. Our extensive experience in the sector enabled us to act quickly in supporting this acquisition. We were willing to invest in an area of London where other food and beverage operators have so far been reluctant to open up, and we are delighted to bring the site back into use.”