The majority of employees (83%) at M Restaurants have reported that they are more productive at work following the introduction of additional M-indful Days holiday allowance.

Introduced by operations director Andre Mannini in July last year, the initiative gifts all full-time employees four fully paid additional days of holiday allowance, among other benefits such as access to counselling app Spill.

The survey of staff also found that 75% they felt there was a marked improvement in their well-being since the initiative was launched.

Staff are encouraged to take the extra days whenever they see fit, whether it is an unplanned recovery day following a big night out, a spontaneous duvet day or a day when they just can’t get out of bed in the morning. The only requirement is that on one of those days it is compulsory for all staff to receive a complimentary massage at their home from Urban Massage.

Employees who haven’t used all their additional allowance receive the monetary value instead.

Speaking about the positive impact the initiative has had, Mannini said: “I am delighted to see how well the M-indful Days and our adoption of Spill have been received by the team. At this crucial time in our sector, having engaged teams as well as nurturing and retaining talent is vital.

We are extremely proud to be pioneering the way towards a different and more modern hospitality industry.”

Magda Koch, finance manager, said: “The idea of M-indful Days helps us take a step back in the most stressful time, take a breath and approach problems from a fresh perspective.”

Branka Vuskovic, group head of events, added: “I find the M-indful Days are such a great benefit for our mental health. You really feel the benefit knowing that at any time you can take a break from the busy and fast paced environment, or for any other reason, with no questions asked.

“It assists in having a little break to reenergise and come back to work feeling positive, happy, motivated and balanced.”