Comptoir Group’s Richard Kleiner has been re-elected as chairman despite the resolution to re-elect him not passing at its AGM yesterday (30 June).

Tony Kitous, founder and creative director at Comptoir Group, had written to the board earlier this week, calling for the resignations of chief executive Chaker Hanna and chairman Richard Kleiner as directors of the company.

Kitous is the holder of more than 58 million ordinary shares of one pence each – representing 47.6% of the issued ordinary capital in the company.

In the event that neither resigned, Kitous had stated he would vote against the re-election of the chairman at the AGM on 30 June 2022.

During the AGM, resolutions one, three and four were passed, however resolutions two, five and six did not, which included the resolution to re-elect Kleiner, after Kitous submitted a proxy vote against them.

However, a board meeting was held following the AGM where it was agreed that Mr Kleiner would be re-appointed as chairman with immediate effect.

In making this decision to re-appoint Kleiner, the directors in attendance at the board meeting took into account that 100% all shareholders who voted on resolution two, save for Kitous, voted in favour of the re-election of existing chairman, according to a statement published on the London Stock Exchange.

Kitous did not attend either the AGM or the board meeting held after the AGM.