Itsu has announced it will be implementing its second pay rise for staff in the space of 12 months, as it commits to supporting its people with the cost living crisis.

The Asian-inspired brand will increase pay by up to 13% across all +1,200 staff at its equity-owned restaurants, building on its early rise, amounting to a combined increase of 22.3%.

Entry-level pay will increase to a minimum of £11.50 per hour, compared to the industry average of £9.80.

The business implemented a pay rise on 17 September 2021, which saw the hourly wage for entry level team members increase by 11% to £10.40 per hour.

Itsu chief executive Ganan Kanagathurai said: “Our team members are the heart of our business. We are committed to looking after our people, in what are going to be difficult times for many of them.

“We’ll always pay our teams as much as we can afford rather than what we can get away with.”

Harry Housen, Itsu’s people director, added: ““We’re confident that our commitment to training our people, focus on internal promotions, and market leading pay will position us as the employer of choice for those within the hospitality sector.”

Itsu is on track to open 15 new restaurants in 2022. Last month it announced it had partnered with the former largest McDonald’s franchisee, Atul Pathak, who will open the first of many franchise sites, in Wembley, later this autumn.