Hospitality Rising’s inaugural campaign has reached more than 5.5m million 16–30-year-olds in the UK, in the first five months since its launch – equal to half the population of this demographic.

Created in 2021 to be the world’s biggest hospitality recruitment campaign, Hospitality Rising was launched to tackle the on-going struggles in the sector’s labour market.

Social media has been widely utilised as part of the campaign, with TikTok content alone having generated 13.5m impressions, so far, reaching 2.1 million young people.

The next step for the campaign is to bring on board new operators to coincide with new activity targeted at those young people leaving education this summer.

“We are reaching the 18-30 audience in new ways and it’s working. We know what makes this age group tick and where their attention is,” Mark McCulloch, founder of Hospitality Rising and campaign director, said

“Communicating with them via TikTok campaigns, ads and content creator partnerships means we’re able to engage with them in the most effective way,”

He added: “We now need to focus on reaching all 18–30-year-olds at least four times in a short period because this is where you see consideration move to action.”