New research has outlined the full extent of the problems that facing the UK nightclub industry. Six venues are closing a week, with the slump and changing tastes leaving dancefloors empty. A total of 355 nightspots shut in the last year – 13% of the country's 2,722. Casualties include Matter at London's 02, frequented by Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne, and the Buddha Bar on the capital's Embankment. Other closures include Manchester's Music Box, where Joy Division were first spotted. Jonny Forsythe, of market researchers Mintel, said: "Nightclubs were struggling before the recession. But the downturn has accelerated their decline - customers, especially the core of 18- to 24-year-olds, have less money to spend. If young people do decide to go out, they are more likely to stay drinking in pubs late at night rather than having to fork out on nightclub entrance fees and drinks at inflated prices." Clubs are also suffering in the same way as pubs and bingo halls which have been hit by the smoking ban, increased running costs and cheap supermarket booze. The Sunday Mirror