Mark Palmer of The Daily Telegraph visits the mass-market restaurant at the new Wembley Stadium. His haddock tastes of warmed cooking oil, his chips are limp and sticky and the white Australian wine tastes of vinegar. The hot dog is cold and the bread is not home-baked, as advertised. He calls the food “a national disgrace” and awards it just one out of 10. Giles Coren of The Times visits the Royal China Club in London’s Baker Street, which is “a real contender for the best Chinese restaurant in London”. He enjoys his Shanghai-style soup dumpling, his roast lobster with cornflowers and his “perfect” plate of char siu, roast pork and roast duck. He awards it 7.66 out of 10. Tracy MacLeod of The Independent reviews The Wee Restaurant in North Queensferry, Fife. She praises the reasonably-priced food which includes a “immaculately glossy and smooth” celeriac and saffron soup and “impeccable” roast lamb, and reserves even higher praise for the efficient and courteous service, giving the restaurant an overall score of 11 out of 15. Matthew Norman of The Guardian reviews Jack’s Place in London’s Battersea, a “time-defying little gem”. Run by ex-boxer Jack Talkington, it continues to offer “a menu unmatched in London”. The grilled sardines are “plump and delicious”, the asparagus is “perfectly cooked” and the Dover sole is “just wonderful”. The restaurant offers huge portions for reasonable prices and gets a score of 8 out of 10. The Daily Telegraph 26/5/07 page W20 (Weekend) The Times 26/5/07 page 63 (Magazine) The Independent 26/5/07 page 49 (Magazine) The Guardian 26/5/07 page 81 (Magazine)