A proposed UK-EU youth mobility agreement would be a ‘huge success’ for the sector if implemented, according to UKHospitality. 

The EU Commission has proposed to open negotiations with the UK on an agreement to facilitate youth mobility. Such an agreement would make it easier for young EU and UK citizens to study, work and live in the UK and the EU respectively.  

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU has resulted in decreased mobility between the EU and the UK. The proposal seeks to address the main barriers to mobility for young people experienced today and create a right for them to travel from the EU to the UK and vice versa more easily and for a longer period of time.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality, said: “The sharing of cultures, cuisines and knowledge have long been the bedrock of the UK’s world-leading hospitality sector and agreements like Youth Mobility Schemes have been a key part of that success.

“We have been calling for these schemes to be expanded and I’m pleased to see the EU Commission coming to the table with a plan to open negotiations. I hope the EU Council agrees with the proposal and that talks between the UK and EU can begin as soon as possible.

“Such an agreement would be a huge success for hospitality and tourism and, practically, it would solve challenges for the live music and events sectors.”