Tortilla, the Quilvest-backed fast-casual burrito restaurant chain, has moved to highlight its nutritional credentials by reporting independent, in-depth research which has determined that its burritos were higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than most high-street sandwiches.

The company provided samples and recipes for every single topping and filling to an accredited nutritional analysis firm who then analysed the information using McCance and Widdowson for simple ingredients and “burn” analysis for more complex recipes.

It found that the chain’s regular chicken burrito has just 12.2g of fat and only 4.1g of saturated fat compared to 24.8g of fat for a typical packaged chicken and avocado sandwich.

The 13-strong Tortilla also confirmed that for those wanting to remain carb-free, their ‘naked burrito’ a medium bowl of all the ingredients minus the wrap is 125 calories per 100g. Compare this to a typical club sandwich (206kcal of fat per 100g).

Guests are being informed of this information through table talkers and online, even offering a burrito calculator to work out each individual order statistics

It’s had a positive impact on business, out-going managing director Brandon Stephens said: “We always knew that a burrito could be an every day meal and not just for special occasion and wanted to assure our guests who may not have known this important information.”