Drinks sector faces similar restrictions as tobacco under proposals designed to tackle country’s alcohol-related problems, The FT reports

Scott Laing, one of the many investors enticed into whisky production by a boom in demand, finished building the Ardnahoe Distillery in Scotland four years ago. Now, he is concerned that he may not be able to drum up interest in his first batch of liquor because of a mooted ban on alcohol advertising in the country.

“If we start selling [the whisky] in the next couple of years, we wouldn’t be able to promote it in any way within Scotland, which is a bizarre state of affairs,” said Laing, who runs the distillery on Islay with his brother and father, and invested £12.5mn to erect it.

Scottish officials have given the industry until March 9 to respond to a consultation on potential restrictions meant to help tackle the country’s “deep, longstanding and troubled relationship with alcohol”.

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