The Orange Buffalo, the street food and pop-up wings concept, is opening at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

The concept, which has a food truck in Ely’s Yard and a residency in Brighton pub The Joker, will open a permamant kitchen at the Mothership Group venue in October.

Founded by Mike So and Nick White, they will serve New York Style buffalo chicken wings with six homemade sauces, sides, as well as burgers and sandwiches.

The Orange Buffalo will be announcing its first London franchisee soon in collaboration with Franchise Growth & Development (FGD).

Earlier this year, Mike So told MCA of the group’s plans build an estate of small footprint sites in dine-in and takeaway formats in London, UK university towns and Europe, with flagship company-owned stores as well as franchises.

Jan van Delden who is helping Orange Buffalo scale up its operations on behalf of FGD, told MCA: “The concept basically attracts everyone - young people in particular, but it’s also attractive to people from the City, people from Shoreditch and tourists, so it means we can go to lots of different areas.

“Upcoming areas are very suitable - Tooting for instance, Hackney wick, Fulham Road. The lunch deal is £7.50 which is the hotspot of what officer workers spend on lunch. There are not many places we could go.

“It would work in any student city - Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol. We could easily go to mainland Europe and of course the Middle East.”