During the first ten weeks of its new financial year (5th July to 12th September) Oakman Group has reported total growth of 39.3% and like-for-like growth versus 2019 of 16.2%.

Peter Borg-Neal, executive chairman, said to Morning Advertiser, “We have seen much stronger weekday trading. I think working from home is probably quite a big factor.”

“With people not having a holiday, not going to Glastonbury and not doing a lot of things they have more disposable income.”

He said that trading would have been better if not for the impact of the ‘pingdemic’ and staff shortages. 

The company plans to open 10 sites over the next 15 months with the 36th site set to open in Wokingham this year and the company is already on site in Buckingham.

Borg-Neal continued: ”We are finding that there are some good sites in very good towns that probably would have not become available if it wasn’t for what has happened to retail during Covid,” he said.  

“I don’t think you will be getting good sites for cheap. If a good site comes on it is not just me that knows it is a good site. There is still competition for good sites.”