Customer satisfaction for food quality at JD Wetherspoon pubs is up by 6%, new research shows.

A survey was taken under customer experience programme My Pub Feedback, conducted with Service Management Group, which has led to key service improvements with a focus on breakfast preparation since its launch last year.

Customers fill in a feedback form online using a code found on Wetherspoons receipts and they can then claim a free hot drink with every £5 spent. Since the programme launched last March service has improved by 11%. Overall customer satisfaction is highest on Tuesdays when the operator runs its Steak Club, with potential for more improvements during the Sunday club offer.

Insight from the feedback has been incorporated into staff training courses.

Jeremy Michael, managing director of SMG, said: “The adoption of SMG’s personalised programme, My Pub Feedback, highlights JD Wetherspoon’s continued commitment to delivering great customer service in its pubs and bars. The programme is continuing to analyse the service provided across the UK and helping JD Wetherspoon react to the varied demands of the customer.”

Nick Britten, customer services manager at Wetherspoons, said: “My Pub Feedback has seamlessly integrated with our internal CQSMA review programme and is helping us continue to deliver our high standards of service in all our pubs and bars across the UK. The programme has led to the adoption of new initiatives which are helping us to continue to provide the public with a world class atmosphere and environment in which to enjoy its food and drink.”