The government is expected to announce a significant rise in the national living wage, from £9.50 an hour, to around £10.40 an hour.

This would represent a rise of nearly 10%, and would benefit 2.5 million people, although one government source has suggested the rise could be even higher, The Times has reported.

In May this year UK employers who have committed to paying the voluntary ‘real living wage’ were urged to bring forward a planned rise for November by two months, in the face of soaring inflation.

While the Trades Union Congress (TUC) recently called for the minimal wage to rise to £15 per hour in order aid low-income workers amid the cost of living crisis.

Several major hospitality companies have implemented pay rises for their staff in recent months, with Itsu announcing a 13% rise for all staff in September, Whitbread pledging £15m in pay increases last month, and Pret revealing its second pay rise of the year for workers.