Four Winters, the Jordon-founded ice cream parlour group, is opening a fourth UK site in Bluewater Kent, part of a target to open 10 in the next three years, following its acquisition by its UK franchise owner.

The global brand, which uses liquid nitrogen to create its ice cream, was recently acquired by London-based property investor Omar Alkhawaja in a management takeover with current co-founder and chief executive Zeid Zabian.

Former Coutts banker Alkhawaja brought the brand to the UK, opening three shops in London, in Soho, Notting Hill and South Kensington.

The new management team is investing $10 million into the business over the next three years, with the aim of opening 50 new parlours, including openings in the US, North Africa and Jordan.

The acquisition will see a new company structure developed, and a key focus will be on enhancing the brand internationally, product innovation, and identifying franchise partnerships.

The Four Winters head office will now move from Jordan to London with immediate effect.

Founded in 2013 in Jordan, Four Winters uses liquid nitrogen and steam frothing for its ice cream and frozen desserts range.

Discussing the potential of Four Winters, Alkhawaja, who becomes chairman of the group, told MCA: “The potential for growth and creative product innovation is there, and it’s expanding. Customers are becoming more and more aware of what goes into their food and desserts, and are therefore looking for places to indulge, but where quality is a priority.

“Also, in this Millennial age, the importance of experiential eating is crucial - customers are not just looking for something to consume, they are looking for a story and an experience - and that is where Four Winters fits in.”

Zabian said: “In an environment where we are growing at a rapid pace, increasing flexibility and speed to market is critical for us. Our goal is to make sure we have the right organisational structure in place to strengthen our performance, which includes our 50 company-owned parlour target, and the development of a franchising platform.

“Whilst our growth plans are ambitious, we believe in our product and have a stellar global team to ensure expansion targets are met. We are looking forward to continued brand growth and success in 2018 and beyond.”

Alkhawaja, added: “This acquisition shows just how much I believe in Four Winters and everything the brand represents. I would like to thank Zeid for his committed leadership of the Four Winters global management team and I am looking forward to executing our growth plans. Expanding in North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as well as other potential territories is very exciting, but we do have our work cut out for us.

“That is why working with strong and committed partners as well as investing a substantial amount of our capital in our supply chain is very important. I am sure with the team we have and the vision in place, we are well poised to expand to all corners of the globe!”