Some are making fortunes by signing up small businesses to deals and quietly pocketing big commissions, The Sunday Times reports

Whenever the energy contract at the Ship Centurion pub in Whitstable is coming to an end, Roland Birks knows his phone will start ringing off the hook. In November, the pub landlord received up to eight cold calls a day from energy brokers when his three-year deal was up for renewal. “I hated that time. It actually made you feel sick to the bone because you got so many calls,” said Birks, 45.

This time, however, was even worse. Gas and electricity prices were sky high and Birks knew that getting the right deal could make or break his pub. The best option was to sign up with British Gas Lite, the small business arm of the energy giant — and even then his bills doubled to more than £2,000 a month. Now, like a growing number of small business owners, he has questions for the suppliers and brokers who arranged his deal.

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