Butcombe Brewery was named Overall Brewery Business of the Year, yesterday at the organisation’s BeerX event in Sheffield.

Judges gave the top title in the SIBA Business Awards to Avon-based Butcombe for a highly effective campaign to raise the profile of its bottled beers among supermarket buyers, which created standout for the brewery in a crowded market. Butcombe also won the Best Marketing & Communications category on its way to taking the overall prize.

A further seven brewers were recognised in the Business Awards for excellence in everything from community support to business development, while accolades were also handed to six brewers in the SIBA Design Awards, judged alongside the Business Awards.

Padstow Brewing Company won the Best Total Design Concept Award, as well as three out of the four top prizes for bottle label and pump clip designs.

Moorhouse’s Brewery won the Best Business Development award.

SIBA chief executive Julian Grocock said, “The SIBA Business Awards have been running for nine years and in that time the number of brewers within our ranks has multiplied to the point where today, we have close to 800 members. 

“Brewers who want to succeed in this competitive environment have to be good businesspeople as well as good brewers, employing a raft of skills from marketing and communication to design and customer support. Engagement with their local community and commitment to building a sustainable business are also rewarded in this Award scheme.

“We are, once again, impressed with the very high standard of entries to the Business Awards, which demonstrates that what our members may lack in size, they more than make up for in their professionalism and commitment to their business.   

“With talented and dedicated individuals like these at the forefront of local brewing, we should be optimistic about the prospects for the sector.”

At the Business Awards, SIBA members also named label manufacturers Label Apeel as Best SIBA Supplier Associate.