Britons use 7% of their wages each month on dining out - with Sunday roasts and fish and chips topping the list of favourite foods, according to a new survey by Groupon.

The survey, which questioned more than 5,000 people, found that on average, people spend £155.19 a month in restaurants and cafes, equating to 7% of the average monthly salary.

Over the course of a year, the typical cost of eating out, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners, adds up to more than £1,862.

On average people said they eat out 15 times a month.

More than 60% of people surveyed believed the rise of street food and the variety of places to eat have helped to make dining out less expensive.

Across the survey, people in Cardiff and Bristol were found to dine out the least often, eating out 10 times a month on average. By contrast, people in London said they enjoyed 23 meals out on average a month.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed prefer eating in pubs and bars rather than opting for fine dining experiences.

Sunday roasts were the most popular choice, with nearly one in three (32%) people saying this was their favourite food - followed by fish and chips, favoured by 29%.

In London, tastes were more diverse, with sushi voted the top type of food to eat out among people in the City of London borough.

Across London generally, 10% of people voted sushi as their favourite food to eat out while another 10% voted Thai green curry as their top dish, and 9% favoured kebabs.

Below are the average annual overall amounts people from across the UK spend on eating out and the percentage of the typical salary in these areas spent.

North East, £1,878.60, 7.39%

North West, £1,349.09, 5.31%

Yorkshire and the Humber, £1,704.74, 6.74%

East Midlands, £1,374.98, 5.52%

West Midlands, £1,769.79, 6.90%

East Anglia, £1,491.00, 5.54%

London, £4,027.65, 11.74%

South East, £1,836.08, 6.40%

South West, £1,484.00, 5.79%

Wales, £1,093.24, 4.44%

Scotland, £1,990.61, 7.26%

Northern Ireland, £1,878.94, 7.45%.