Boxpark founder Roger Wade wants to open a further 20 developments in the UK over the next five years and is close to finalising on a third London site, MCA has learnt.

Wade, the founder of streetwear brand Boxfresh, said the new London site would look different to Boxpark Croydon and Shoreditch.

He said he was looking at half a dozen sites outside London for new Boxpark sites, which would be tailored to the local area.

Meanwhile he said he hoped his latest scheme in Shoreham, a collaboration with DJ Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Café, would result in the best café-restaurant on the South Coast.

The first Boxpark site in Shoreditch has also been granted a three-year lease extension, with plans to refresh the F&B areas and bring in new operators. 

Wade told MCA: “We’re starting to look at different ways of doing things. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed - we’re going to keep on surprising people.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart; I don’t want to put myself in a box and only open 50k sq ft blocks near train stations in urban areas. If the right site comes along with the right opportunity we will look at it.

“We’re looking at half a dozen locations outside London, and looking to build our first international site as well, and roll out those models.

“Watch this space. At Boxfresh we did 1000 products a year, so building one or two developments a year isn’t that challenging

“There will be a formula but we want to create different types of developments in different areas. Certainly the new deverlopment in London will be different from our existing sites.”