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    Late Night Levy still a cause of concern and frustration


    Almost ten years on from its introduction there are renewed calls for the levy to be abolished with a fresh approach to licensing needed in a post-Covid world.

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    Elizabeth line: ‘Tottenham Court Road could become the centre of the West End’


    The pandemic has led to an influx of day trippers to the capital and the opening of the Elizabeth line is set to amplify this. MCA assesses what the impact might be on F&B and which locations could flourish.

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    Waste not, want not


    Of all the ways operators are looking to reduce their impact on the environment, tackling food waste not only ticks the box for ESG, it makes sound business sense in a time of soaring food inflation, MCA reports

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    The value of celebrity and influencer endorsements


    As rapper Tinie Tempah prepares to launch his fried chicken concept and Lionel Messi unveils his double-stacked steak burger for Hard Rock Café, Helen Gilbert explores the star-studded world of celebrity and influencer endorsements.

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    Life after Covid: legacies of the pandemic


    While hand sanitiser, face masks and social distancing are being kicked into touch, there are likely to be some positive legacies from the pandemic, as MCA has been hearing from operators

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    Inflation: ‘Inevitable’ costs will be passed on to consumer


    As inflation reaches a new 30-year high, MCA examines the situation within hospitality, and asks how a squeezed consumer is likely to react to rising prices in restaurants and bars

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    Reputational damage control


    Despite BrewDog’s insistence it is addressing claims of a toxic culture, negative headlines surrounding the conduct of its CEO James Watt continue to surface. MCA explores where the tipping point lies between the value of a brand’s founding principles and its long-term reputation

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling point: How the pandemic inflamed the sector’s mental health challenges


    When an entire workforce is under intense stress, acknowledgement of vulnerability must come from the top, Helen Gilbert reports

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    Flaws on the doors: Inside the UK’s late-night security crisis


    Costs for manning the doors of the UK’s late night venues have gone up significantly. But that’s not the only problem 

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    Electric vehicle charging on the menu for pubs & restaurants


    As the electrification of vehicles offers new opportunities for landlords and hospitality operators, MCA investigates the commercial and sustainable benefits of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. 

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    Cashless society


    The pandemic may have accelerated the abandonment of cash as a preferred method of payment, but should operators be ditching it all together? MCA’s deputy editor Georgi Gyton explores the issue

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    Regionality breeds content


    There have always been the very long-established family firms in the pub sector, colloquially known as the regional brewers. 

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    The growing appeal of IPOs


    After a Covid-induced hiatus, there have been several IPO announcements this year, with companies such as TGI Fridays, Tortilla, Hawksmoor and Giggling Squid considering their options around going public. Meanwhile several more are believed to be weighing up a listing. How much of this is an opportunistic post-Covid trend? Does it represent a structural shift away from the private equity model? And what are the risks and rewards? Dominic Allport, insight editor, reports. 

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    What next for Just Eat Takeaway?


    Having enjoyed a boom during the Covid pandemic, Just Eat Takeaway and other delivery providers find themselves under pressure now that hospitality has reopened. So what is next for Just Eat Takeaway and how might it continue to grow?

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    Admiral and Hawthorn ‘made for each other’


    Originally announcing plans to go public as a standalone company in April, in the event it was a trade buyer that sealed the deal for Hawthorn.

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    The growing appeal of the drive-thru


    The drive-thru format is attracting attention from a diverse set of operators in the UK. What are some of the key factors for success and how might the format be evolving?

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    The race to carbon zero


    Images of stranded starving polar bears, melting ice caps and uncontainable wildfires may seem a far cry from the reality of day-to-day hospitality operations in the UK. Yet more and more leaders from within the sector and beyond are becoming alive to what is widely recognised as a global climate change emergency.

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    Time at the bar?


    The scrum at the bar is as much a British rite of passage for the cash-waving customer as it is for the freshly trained recruit charged with marshalling a four-deep crowd.

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    Property focus: Race to the suburbs?


    Is there really a race for space in the suburbs and market towns? And what other factors are driving the current property market? MCA deputy editor Georgi Gyton takes a look at the current landscape and how it might play out over the coming months

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    Virtual reality – the rise of the delivery-only restaurant


    Korean chicken wings have long been a favourite at Bone Daddies. Marinated in a mix of mirin, sake, ginger and salt, deep fried, smothered in a sticky gochujang sauce, and topped with sesame seeds, the signature side has been a staple of the ramen group’s menu since it launched back in 2012.