UK Hospitality has welcomed the Government’s statement on the impact of business rates but has urged it to act swiftly.

Published yesterday, the Government released its response to the Treasury Committee inquiry into the impact of business rates on business.

Acknowledging the failings in the system’s appeals mechanism, the response confirmed Government commitment to a fundamental rates reform, something Kate Nicholls, UK Hospitality CEO, has called “a good first step.”

“It is good to see that there is a commitment to fundamental reform of the rates system,” she said.

“The Government now needs to push ahead and fulfil its promise without delay. It has indicated that it will listen to suggestions for reform, so we will be liaising with them to make sure the future system works for hospitality.

“In particular, it is good to see a recognition that the appeals system, as it currently stands, is taking far too long. Businesses are being left in limbo as they try to navigate the process and it needs streamlining urgently.”