Sacha Lord has called on government to work collaboratively with the sector and rethink its post-lockdown hospitality restrictions.

In a letter to health secretary Matt Hancock via his solicitor, the Greater Manchester night time economy advisor said government must provide adequate evidence if it plans to move the city back into the highest tier on 3 December, and has stated his legal case to challenge the restrictions will restart next month if such evidence isn’t presented.

Lord also offered to work directly with ministers on alternative routes to the curfew and restrictions, to avoid a continuation of last-minute rule changes and damaging blanket policy.

“There is no more important period of time in the hospitality and leisure industry than December, and my client is anxious to play his part to ensure as many businesses as possible can survive into 2021,” the letter read.

“The return to a local tiered approach is broadly welcomed by our client, though in a modified form that he believes will support the suppression of the virus but also maintain jobs, businesses and social society.”

Commenting on the letter, Lord said this was the government’s “last chance to show they take this sector seriously.”

“While the economy as a whole will be pleased to come out of the full lockdown, for many in the hospitality sector tier 3 is a ticking time bomb, with little financial incentive to remain in business.

“This lockdown period is a real opportunity for them to work with us, the people who know this sector best, to avoid the same mistakes being made and causing business closures on a colossal scale.”