Covid passports will not be needed to enter pubs, according to the government’s transport secretary Grant Shapps.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that while there had been speculation you may need a vaccine passport to enter a pub, there were “no plans for that”.

“We won’t go as far as requiring it to enter a shop or the pub. We will for very close contact things like going to nightclubs — other countries are for international travel — so I think there is precious little reason not to be vaccinated, every good reason to be vaccinated.”

He was also asked on Sky News on Friday (30 July) whether workers would be required to show vaccine passports in order to return to the office, and said that while it was “a good idea” and that some companies would require it, “we are not going to make that legislation”.

Meanwhile on Sky News foreign secretary Dominic Raab said “questions of vaccine certification become much less relevant and much less salient” the greater the number of people come forward to be vaccinated.

Last week it was reported that plans for vaccine passports for nightclubs – announced on ‘freedom day’ – were forced through despite a majority of ministers calling for the decision to be postponed.

The move to introduce them sparked a backlash from some Conservative MPs, some of whom have threatened to boycott the party conference.