Brighton & Hove has become the first city in the UK to introduce a voluntary sugar tax to tackle obesity.

The council is calling on stores to impose a 10p surcharge on all sugary soft drinks with the money to be put into an education and health trust for children.

This follows the rejection by national government of measures proposed by high profile chef Jamie Oliver to impose a tax on sugary drinks.

The measure is being taken in response to a survey that found 7.3% of reception aged children were obese in the city and 13.3% of 10 – 11 year olds, which remains below the national average.

Schools are talking part with sugar-free initiatives including banning sweets and limiting cakes, puddings and biscuits as well as bringing food education into every primary school.

Vending machines in local authority building will be stocked with healthy snacks.

Last month Oliver joined forces with lobbying group Sustain to launch the campaign, which received backing from Leon and Abokado, which joined the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group in adding a 10p levy on their soft drinks with added sugar.