Hospitality venues could allow millions of people who have recovered from Covid-19 and developed immunity into pubs and nightclubs under the government’s plans for a coronavirus certification scheme.

Blood tests could form part of these plans, according to a report from The Times, which combined with other criteria such as a person having been vaccinated or able to provide evidence of a recent negative test could see social distancing measures dispensed with.

It follows suggestions from the Prime Minister this week that pubs could request vaccination passports from customers if they want to do away with social distancing earlier, however this move has been widely panned as unworkable by pub operators.

Under the proposals for the certification scheme, people who have had coronavirus would be required to have an antibody test to show they possess sufficient immunity, which would involve taking a sample of their blood for analysis.

As quoted in The Times, Boris Johnson said: “I do think there is going to be a role for certification. There are three basic components. There’s the vaccine, there’s your immunity you might have after you’d had Covid and there’s testing — three things that could work together.”

However, Johnson acknowledged that there are “moral complexities” that need to be addressed and raised concerns about pregnant women and those with medical conditions who cannot be vaccinated.