The ban on landlords evicting commercial tenants is to be extended till 2022, following the announcement by the Prime Minister earlier this week that there would be at least of four-week delay to the previously proposed roadmap.

Ministers are due to announce later today that the grace period for commercial tenants, which was due to expire at the end of June, will continue for at least another six months, The Telegraph has reported.

Restrictions on landlords being able to recover rent arrears by taking control of a tenant’s goods and selling them are also expected to be extended, while a new arbitration mechanism is expected to be introduced to help resolve disputes between landlords and tenants on debt.

The government launched a call for evidence in April regarding the issue of rent debt – one that has been plaguing the hospitality sector and threatening the future of many businesses.

UKHospitality’s director of strategic affairs Tony Sophoclides told MCA’s The Conversation last week that the recommendations being put forward to government on how to tackle the growing issue of rent debt are broadly in line with what UKHospitality and its members have been asking for.

As reported by the paper, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “We’re considering responses to a recent call for evidence on the next steps with commercial rent and we’ll set our response shortly.”

It was reported earlier this week that government officials were considering proposals to ring-fence the historic debt built up by businesses during the pandemic in a move that would allow operators to continue negotiations with their landlords rather than immediately having to divert large sums of cash to pay off bills.