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Bill’s refreshed new menu aims to connect its foundation under former greengrocer Bill Collison with an “experiential, contemporary twist”.

Chief operating officer Rebecca Tooth said the refresh aimed to broaden out the food beyond its core brunch offering, while a third of the menu is now plant-based.

She said it aimed to combine the healthy and vibrant with indulgent and Instagram-able dishes, such as the black gold burger, which is garnished with 24-carat gold flakes.

Tooth told MCA: “It’s a really exciting time for Bill’s. Our chairman Richard Caring is committed to continuously evolving the brand.”

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The changes, which also include a cheese and truffle fondue, is the first major update in five years for the Caring-backed brand.

Featuring “healthy, indulgent, vibrant” dishes, Tooth said the offering was designed to suit all tastes and dietary preferences.

She said represented more of an evolution than big changes, and featured “heart, soul and fresh ingredients”.

“It sticks with Bill’s vision from 2001 and cements our reputation as the go to spot for everyone to enjoy,” she said.

“Yes, we’ve got the plant-based dishes, and we also have those Bill’s favourites that everyone loves - but we’re adding that twist of excitement on top of it.

“I think everyone needs a bit of a refresh now and again, but we’ve really kept that Bill’s core that everyone loves.”

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Alongside the food update, Tooth said estate refurbishments were ongoing, with input from the founder and chairman,

“We are thrilled with all the new sites, the restaurants have a new lease of life.We get really positive feedback from guests about the look and feel of our restaurants.

“It is a constant, ongoing refresh, the new look is constantly and meticulously overseen by Richard caring, Bill Collison and myself.

“It’s to ensure the aesthetic is there to create a welcoming environment that transcends the time of day.”

Tooth, who joined from Cote last year, said the sector was seeing a return to stronger trading, and now was the right time for a refresh.

“It’s great to see pubs, bars and restaurants starting to become busy again and gradually returning to pre-Covid levels of footfall,” she added.

“We’re definitely starting to see city centre site coming back, it is really exciting to be a part of Bill’s and the industry after such a horrific couple of years.

“With the summer to look forward and the Jubilee, it’s a perfect timing to have a refreshed menu.”

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