Tossed, the healthy food to go operator, is preparing to launch the next generation of its self serve kiosks, MCA has learnt.

Founder Vincent McKevitt told MCA that while the brand had been a pioneer of the cashless kiosks, which have been retro-fitted at all Tossed stores over the last 19 months, the group would be unveiling a 2.0 vision in the next few months.

McKevitt said initiatives such as this, and its early work with hospitality app Trail, a smart checklist tool that helps hospitality operators streamline their daily processes and reduce paper, had given Tossed ops managers 20% more time.

He said the initiatives put the business in a strong position as operators scramble to find new efficiency savings amid increasingly tough trading conditions.

McKevitt told MCA: “We want to take our kiosk to the next level - the next generation Tossed kiosk will be coming soon. We were one of the early pioneers and we want to take it the next level. All of this about making our business is simple as possible.

“We have just finished a long period of retro fitting the kiosk technology and all our high street estate is now 100% cashless and self-serve, which was a phenomenal amount of work. It’s now about driving he business forward.”

On the business’ adoption of Trail, which has recently been selected to join the inaugural UK Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator programme to help scale and expand the business, he added: “We were one of the early customers. When Tossed introduced self-serve kiosks we were making a big drive towards efficiency and operational excellence.

“I wanted to remove the many bits of paper we had in our business and Trail allowed us to get rid of 80% of our paper.

“It’s also allowed our ops managers to be more efficient and create more stores, which is so important in in this day and age when everyone’s margins are being squeezed.

“It’s allowed our ops managers to look after 20% more locations. That’s been massive. In terms of manager time on the floor, they used to spend 20 % of their time in the back scribbling on notepads, but now they spend nearly all their time on the shop floor.

“Technology like this has allowed us to be more efficient and more nimble, and get on with running our business.

“I’m glad we did this in advance of what we’re all experiencing at the moment.”