Sandwich bars and coffee shops are gradually eating into supermarkets’ share of the sandwich market, according to a sandwich industry report published by the British Sandwich Association (BSA).

The research found that while supermarkets continue to dominate the sandwich market with a 24.5% share, sales from branded sandwich shops and coffee bars have grown to such an extent that they now make up 18.2% of the market.

Sandwich shops like Subway have an 11.9% share of the volume market, with Pret a Manger outstripping multiple sandwich retailers such as Waitrose in terms of volume and value.

The research found that the sandwich-serving sectors, including pubs, hotels and restaurants, contribute about £608,000 in annual sales to the industry.

The commercial sandwich market has grown from less than £1bn in 1990 to £4.5bn in 2006, with annual growth of 8.9%.