Uber Eats is planning to have 400 virtual restaurant brands live on its UK platform by the end of the year, MCA has learnt.

Uber Eats is working with hundreds of restaurants across the UK to help them identify ‘selection gaps’ in their area that present an opportunity to launch a virtual restaurant from the same kitchen.

Virtual restaurants are delivery only brands that do not have a customer facing store front, and typically operate out of existing restaurant kitchens or kitchen space providers.

Uber Eats is understood to have around 60 virtual restaurant brands live on its platform.

Examples include Desserts and Milkshakes, a dessert brand from Balti Cottage in Dagenham; Mr. Falafel, a Lebanese concept from Cafe Noir in Camberwell; and Poke Zone, a new concept from Sushi Circle in Bethnal Green.

All three were launched after demand for the specific cuisine was identified in the area by Uber Eats.

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