Deliveroo Pickup is ‘step six’ in the operator’s long-term restaurant proposition, Rohan Pradhan, Deliveroo chief sales officer told delegates at MCA’s Food To Go conference last week.

Pradhan explained that Pickup is a consumer innovation insofar as the map feature acts as a “discovery service,” making consumers aware of their proximity to certain sites.

He added that because of this, opting for Pickup is a “true win win,” it will both save delivery fee and prevent drivers having to complete a short journey.

However, in response to partner concerns that delivery might disrupt their customer relationships, the primary intention behind Pickup is to “drive consumers back to the restaurant,” he said.

“We want to allow our brands to have a connected experience with their consumers. Pickup really allows that.”

The Pickup feature has been launched alongside a loyalty program designed to allow restaurants to implement a consumer facing incentivisation strategy, and abate their concerns about Deliveroo damaging relationships and reputations.

“It means that if a consumer has a bad delivery experience, operators have the chance to incentivise them. It’s the little touches to do with relationships with customers that make pickup to effective.”

Following its other restaurant-facing initiatives – Editions, Food Brokerage, Marketer, Deliveroo for Business and Marketplace + - Pradhan said Pickup was the next step in the delivery giant’s program to aid their restaurant partners.

“Pickup is not just a consumer facing feature,” he said. “It is step six, for us, to give control back to restaurants.”