Will Shu has been revising, mugging up on facts about the UK, such as that St David is the patron saint of Wales, that 0.9 per cent of the population is Sikh and that a great British pastime is going to the pub.

The American-born founder and chief executive of Deliveroo recently took his British citizenship test and passed with flying colours. After two decades of living in London, it was, he said, about time: “I love this country, I love London and it just felt … it’s an emotional thing.” His citizenship ceremony is slated for a few months’ time.

Shu’s family are mainly abroad and while they know what he does, “they might read something in the newspaper, but they’re not a customer”.

So, in case they’re reading this, the back story to Deliveroo runs thus: as an investment banker in London in the 2000s, Shu worked long hours, with one perk of the job being the daily food allowance to buy a takeaway to eat at his desk in Canary Wharf.

The trouble was, there was nowhere decent to spend it. This frustration spawned the concept for Deliveroo. 

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