Deliveroo is to be the first partner on Flypay’s new Flyt platform – providing its restaurants with enhanced EPOS integration. 

Through its integration with Flyt, Deliveroo’s orders will feed directly into the EPOS at every enabled location. The collaboration will see each online order received through Deliveroo being sent directly to the restaurant kitchen.

Nick Green, head of sales at Deliveroo, said: “As a company rooted in technology and innovation, we are really thrilled to be the inaugural partner in Flyt - a transformative technology platform. Working with Flyt will allow us to streamline our processes for partner restaurants, meaning our riders can deliver from a customer’s favourite restaurant to their door in a shorter amount of time - dramatically improving the experience for restaurants and customers alike.”

Tom Weaver, Flypay chief executive, said: “Deliveroo is all about driving innovation in food delivery and we’re committed to pushing boundaries within hospitality tech, which makes for a great partnership. Our Flyt platform is already integrated with numerous EPOS providers, enabling us to remove a big hassle for operators by directing orders straight to the EPOS system.

“Flyt is a new kind of platform, one built to seamlessly link everything together. It will enable integration between numerous technology-based services, from bookings and loyalty, right through to delivery and reviews. We will be working with some of the world’s biggest technology companies in ground breaking new ways, across delivery and bookings companies, even rival mobile ordering and payment companies to launch a new era of collaboration, not competition. This will revolutionise both the customer and staff experiences.”