Deliveroo is offering consumers a 25% discount from 2,500 restaurant operators each Friday in July.

Described as a multimillion-pound giveaway, and one of its biggest discounts to date, the offer is available each Friday across the UK.

Participating partners include YO! Sushi, Red’s True BBQ, Wildwood and Pizza Express along with local takeaways.

The discount does not include the delivery or service fee.

It is not clear how the cost of the discount is being shared between Deliveroo and the restaurant operators.

Operators are often charged up to 30% commission by Deliveroo, while the average cost of delivery is thought to be around £5-£6.

This has led to question marks over the viability of the delivery business model, as Deliveroo continues to invest heavily in its expansion, but gets not closer to reaching profitability.