The coronavirus crisis has marked a new era of delivery, accelerating consumer behaviour when it comes to delivery apps by “about one to three years,” Deliveroo CEO Will Shu has said.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Shu said that he believes there will be an increased demand for delivery and collection in the coming months, but in order to support restaurants partners that “are hurting,” technology firms need to develop tools to assist in dine-in reopening.

His comments come as the business announces its new table service feature, designed as a mobile order-and pay system for consumers to use when eating in participating sites.

Launching on 15 July, the feature will be made available for restaurants, cafes or pubs.

“This is an important safety feature to give consumers confidence they can return to restaurants safely, and for restaurant staff, who will be able to work while minimising in-person contact,” Deliveroo said in a statement.

Last week, the Competition and Markets Authority announced that it no longer had concerns about Amazon’s proposed investment in the business.

Upon completion, the £440 deal will see Amazon buy 16% of the delivery giant.