Consultancy and bespoke research

Consultancy and bespoke research

"Which new markets are most suited for our brand expansion?"

"How do we differentiate and evolve our brand?"

"How can we better respond to challenges and opportunities over the next 3 to 5 years?"

These are just some of the critical questions each brand needs unique answers to, as no two organisations are the same.

By drawing on the broad market expertise of MCA’s analysts, you can get a fresh viewpoint on which to underpin your strategic development. After a preliminary consultation, we will undertake bespoke data collection, research and analysis to support your business strategy. Our analysts’ findings are supported by their long-standing experience in studying shifts in the UK eating and drinking out market and watching innovation from abroad.

They will rigorously investigate your unique burning issues and deliver back reliable actionable insights to help your business succeed in the face of shifting consumer behaviour, disruptive trends and competitive threats.



Our bespoke research and consultancy services have already helped companies as diverse as: