The Breakfast Club has teamed up with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to launch a social action platform designed to help the hospitality industry maximise its impact on communities.

The initiative, Good Day Productions, will match hospitality businesses with charities while providing employment and training to vulnerable groups.

The campaign will launch with an event at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton on Wednesday, 13 December.

The launch comes during the SRA’s Support the Community campaign, with the association and The Breakfast Club working on a toolkit for businesses looking to support their local communities as well as an online platform to share success stories.

Hospitality businesses can support the campaign on social media using #ShareASlice.

The Breakfast Club delivers a number of its own social initiatives, which are chosen by staff at its 11 sites.

Founder Jonathan Arana-Morton said: “The essence of hospitality is taking care of people. It’s a wonderful industry full of wonderful people and it’s no surprise it attracts so many like-minded individuals for whom social action and the ability to help others is so important. Good Day Productions hopefully gives us the platform to harness all this passion, all this talent and all this will to do good, and channel it in the most effective way.”