SA Brain is to sell alcohol for the first time at its new Bristol Coffee#1 store, M&C has learnt.

Brains chief executive Scott Waddington told M&C the trial had come “earlier than we expected” after it secured a former Indian restaurant which was already licensed, in Welsh Back, Bristol.

In April, he told M&C he was “watching with interest” how operators like Starbucks and Pret fared with their evening offers.

This week, he said: “It is something we have been considering for a while and we’ve made no secret of that. It seemed to make sense to try it in this site, as it would have been a lot harder to get a licence for an existing site.

“It has come earlier than we expected but this is very much a trial in one site and we will see how it goes.

“We will look at a slightly later offer but this will be first and foremost a #Coffee1.”